Venus in Furs

If you have ever wondered where certain fetishes come from or the psychology behind fetishes you might enjoy the tale of Leopold Ritter von Sacher-Masoch.

He was an Austrian writer born in the 1830's, and the term "masochism" is derived from his name. You could say he coined the term. He often wrote about them in his journals and books.

He had an aunt who would often punish him by tying him up and whipping him, like something you would see in BDSM porn or fetish porn. The book where he would detail all of his exploits in was called Venus in Furs, mainly because his aunt would wear furs often when disciplining him as a little boy.

He then grew up to have a sexual appetite for the same punishment and whipping he received from his aunt. It's amazing how our childhood experiences come back to haunt us in so many different aspects of our lives.