Role Reversal

A popular new genre of porn in the professional porn sites, mainly in the BDSM porn group is something called "pegging".

The act of pegging is one where a woman wears a dildo and has anal sex with a man. This is a sex act that makes great sense to me. I mean, men have prostates. They can get actual enjoyment out of anal stimulation, much more than a woman can.

So why not give your man an extra level of enjoyment during sexual intercourse? It's a form of female domination, where the woman enters the man and controls the pace and depth of sex. The man is usually passive, often incapacitated by handcuffs rope. The man does not seem to mind one bit as he is overcome by all of the new sensations and pleasures offered by prostate manipulation.

It's a must try for all men looking to take their sex lives to the next level.